A woman has beaten his four-year old son to death. This happened in Kumba, Capital city of the Meme division of the South West Region of Cameroon.

According to reliable sources, after severely beating the boy, the child developed internal bleeding and she took him to the hospital.

After a while, she returned with him home but his condition didn’t improve. She rushed back with the child to the hospital where he was pronounced death.

The population immediately fell on the woman, raining insults on her. It took the forces of law and order, to prevent the population from beating her to death too.

She was taken away by Policemen, to the mortuary, for her to deposit her son’s remains. While there, she cried bitterly, saying it was not her intention to kill her child and she wished God brought him back to her.

Why did the woman beat her child? According to the Divine Mercy TV, their sources have said the child tore a Church contribution card and failed his Exams.

Investigations are still on to establish if there are any other factors involved in the circumstances leading to the boy’s death.

May his soul RIP.

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By Nkafu

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