Kiflex Accuses Ko-C and Remii Of Stealing The Beat To His Song

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Cameroonian UK-based singer, Kliflex has taken to social media this Monday, March 29, 2021, to call out rapper Ko-C and singer, Remii about the beat they used in their latest song “Ma Vie.” Kiflex Accuses Ko-C and Remii Of Stealing The Beat To His Song


According to Kliflex, Remi and Ko-C stole the song from his song “Baddest Queen.” He has added that he is giving them the opportunity to take down the song or else…



Music lovers in Cameroon however do not seem to agree with Kliflex. According to them, this is just a strategy to attract more views to his song as well as more popularity.

This system don old Bru,na model this wey u want takam get YouTube views(fans),” a fan writes.

Is this energy necessary? Even if they took your beats and you are a Cameroonian, instead of promoting it, you are asking them to bring it down… Or na because the song ring pass the ya baddest queen? Y’all gotta learn how to support each other and stop this energy. Instead to be happy you started something and your Cameroon brothers took it from u to use it if that’s even your beat. You sure say you no listen na some person hi song get inspired by de vibe? Go to hell Kiflex u fall my hand,” another fan writes.

Kiflex’s song “Baddest Queen” was released five years ago while Remii’s song, “Ma Vie” was released just three weeks ago but both songs have similar beats. Judging from this fact, some fans have said there may be some truth in what Kiflex said but it is still unclear if Remii and Ko-C intentionally used Kiflex beats or it is just a coincidence.


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