Kanye west Sells documentary to Netflix for 15billion…

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US Billionaire, Kanye west Documentary is underway to be broadcast by Netflix. Kanye West Sells documentary to Netflix for 15billion…

The American rapper who has been on the news lately as the only Black Billionaire in the US is working on a documentary that will be aired later this year. The rapper sold the documentary to Netflix for 30million US dollars (15billion FRS).

The documentary will cover footage of Kanye west making Music which the world and his fans have never seen.

The project is going to be streamed in different parts, the documentary does not have a title yet. The footage is 21 years in the making and has been shot by Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Oh. Simmons has been filming Kanye since the late 90s.

The documentary is going to cover topics such as Kanye’s rise to fame, the death of his mother Donda, his passion for fashion and his 2020 presidential run. Social media users all over the world reacted to the news of finally getting a Kanye documentary. Check out the reactions below:

@rapisfunn said: “A Kanye West documentary is coming soon to Netflix! It took 21 years to make, and will no doubt be incredible.”

@cordae commented: “Kanye West 2013 breakfast club interview is extremely prophetic and needs to be in museums.”

@Lucidcat_ said: “Hope it’s produced by Kanye West.”

In other news, Kanye West is still on the verge of separating from his wife Kim. Reports say Kim has cut off communication with his wife.

He insisted Kim will have to go through his security before talking with him. Media users have given different interpretations to these reports. We keep our hands crossed as events unfold.


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