Our Man or Woman crush for the month spotlights and celebrates an individual in the Showbiz industry who stood out and excelled exceptionally in their craft that month.

And our Woman Crush for the month of May is none other than the versatile and delectable actress and Comedian Mbeng Lilian AKA Caro of Caro and Copees.

May seemed to have been a good month for the actress turned comedian as she continued to excelled in her comedy career, releasing back-to-back content with her partner, Lovert Lambe (Copees).

In May Mbeng Lilian equally made more waves with her new comic character, Mami Monono (Mami Agendia). The Mami Monono and Monono (Lovert Lambe) characters and story line have definitely added more spice, entertainment and intrigue to the Caro and Copees Comedy. Fans are definitely loving this new addition.

Mbeng Lilian equally made waves with her acting career as one of the movies she had featured in “Half Heaven” went viral in May. The highly anticipated movie which also stars Syndy Emde, Malvis Ann Mohvu and Nigerian veteran actor Chike Mokeme hit the cinemas on June 2. Before that though, a lot of publicity was made about the movie in May, in anticipation for its cinematic experience.

Another TV series starring Mbeng Lilian, MAESTRO also hit the airwaves of the national station, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) in May. The series which also stars Nchifor Valery, Laura Onyama, Helen Nchung and a host of others airs weekdays at 7pm on CRTV.

In May, Mbeng Lilian (Caro) continued to make waves as an MTN Brand Ambassador. Billboards carrying her face went viral. You could see some of her followers posting photos of themselves in front of a billboard carrying the face of their favorite, Caro.

The proud Bangwa girl was also exceptional in May with her fashion sense. Anytime we saw her shared a photo, we were most likely struck. She in fact won best dressed female at CAMIFF from Oh Nana Nation, in collaboration with Nora Brown.

Mbeng Lilian is a Cameroonian Actress and Comedian who hails from Mwametaw in the Lebialem division of Cameroon. She was born and raised in Yoke, Muyuka sub division. And Yes! She is our Woman Crush for the month of May 2023. Abonglesong!


By Nkafu

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