Our Man or Woman crush for the month spotlights and celebrates an individual in the Showbiz industry who stood out and excelled exceptionally in their craft that month.

Our Woman Crush for July is a renowned lady, who has not only touched many lives with her works and influence but has equally help shape and reshape Cameroon’s social media space – Delly Singah Philips.

Delly Singah is a Cameroonian UK based Influencer, Media personality, Counsellor, Matchmaker and Philanthropist. She runs a platform called “Delly Matchups” where she counsels particularly young people on societal and relationship issues. She also runs a foundation “Delly Singah Foundation” and she is into a lot of philanthropic and human development activities as well.

Well, let’s not go into everything that Delly Singah is or stands for, because that may take us an eternity. For the purpose of this article, we would focus on what made Delly Singah our Woman Crush for July.

Top on the list is her homecoming. Yes, this July, the Influencer visited Cameroon for the first time in several years. Her homecoming was anticipated with a lot of excitement by her fans. The euphoria was loud and the preparations were massive. Fans just couldn’t wait to see their dearest Mummy Delly.

This kind of euphoria is not the one that we see regularly on social media. We saw fans coming together to give an Influencer a triumphant welcoming. We usually see this in other countries, but rarely in Cameroon. That goes to tell you of the amount of work Delly Singah has put in to build her brand and the lives she has touched with her works on the media.

While in Cameroon, Delly Singah was honored with a Live Time Achievement Award in Media by the Information Communication Technology (ICT) University. This was after the graduation ceremony at the ICT University which took place on Saturday, July 29, at the Palais de Congres in Yaoundé, attended by the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute. Delly Singah is the Ambassador of the ICT University and yes, she flew all the way from the UK to attend that graduation.

And her fashion sense this month, oh! Mind-blowing is the word.

Delly Singah has been exceptionally what she does and she was even more exceptional this July. We celebrate her and even celebrate her more as our Woman Crush for the month of July 2023.


By Nkafu

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