Our Woman Crush for the month of August, is an individual who has been described by many as a woman with the heart of Gold; NEWUH CHRISTY WULJUNG epse EPIEWANE, known Artistically as MAMA ATALAKU.

Mama Atalaku is a Cameroonian UK based Influencer, Relationship Counselor, Sex Therapist and Humanitarian.

She came to the limelight a couple of years ago, as she would go live on Facebook from time to time, dancing, advising and counseling her followers on pertinent life issues.

The Vibrant mother of two who hails from Kom, North West region of Cameroon, is married to another social media Personality, Epiewane, known on the social media space as EpieAimglobal.

If Mama Atalaku has won our Woman Crush for this month, this must be a testament of her influence that has been felt on social media over the month and particularly in August.

Beyond just impacting the lifes of her followers with her words, she has gone on to impact their lifes materially too, through her GIVEAWAYS.

Through Giveaways, Mama Atalaku, has touched the lifes of people across all age groups; from the young to the old. It would appear her generosity knows no boundaries as just when you thought at any moment that she has given way too much, she amazes you by doing something even bigger.

In August, Mama Atalaku, announced that, to help people who are in need prepare for back to school, she would be donating 2 Million FCFA. According to her, a bulk of this amount is from donations given to her by people of Goodwill who have decided to support her course. It doesn’t end there, as she has added that more is still to come from her to add to this.

This August, the Giveaway topic took a new dynamic, with other social media influencers giving their take on it. Well, Mama Atalaku didn’t fail to defend what she stands for or let anyone put to question her activities or how she goes about them.

And oh, we can’t forgot something even more worth applauding that Mama Atalaku did this August. She helped a colleague, Enanga Monono AKA Kobos to relocate from Nigeria to the UK, with her family.
This is something that we hardly see in the showbiz industry in Cameroon.

We hope Mama Atalaku continue to use her influence to impact the lives of Cameroonians in different aspect.

Our Woman Crush for August 2023 – Newuh Christy Epse Epiewane, we celebrate you.


By Nkafu

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