Kameni Clears The Air After Being Dragged For Turning Down Mimie’s Collabo Offer

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Kameni Clears The Air After Being Dragged For Turning Down Mimie’s Collabo Offer

Cameroonian singer Kameni has finally come out to share her own side of the story after fellow singer Mimie revealed that Kameni’s manager asked her to  pay money  for a Collabo.


Kameni started by apologizing for a  post she made this week which was perceived by many as an attack on Mimie.  In the post, she had asked witches and wizards to leave her alone.

Kameni says she was referring to her health and not to Mimie. Kameni says she has been struggling for over  five months with ill health and that’s why she made the post.

On her collabo issue with Mimie,  Kameni says Mimie had approached her for a Collaboration at her EP launch in Douala . However, she was tired and stressed after organising the launch and she had been attending to several guests and the pressure was difficult to bear as she had to change  costumes.

According to Kameni, she told Mimie “Weehh grand soeur , just meet Vera my manager she will handle  everything ” but Mimie probably didn’t take it well and when they met at a gym on a different day she greeted Mimie but she was openly snobbed. She felt bad and immediately went back home.


Kameni says she had even discussed about Mimie’s Collabo offer  with her manager (Vera ) and was suggesting that Blaise B could do the beat . She said any date Mimie and team has scheduled she will be available for  the Collabo.

Concerning the issue of money, Kameni says she did not know the label asked for a collabo fee, and she added that even if her label asked,  Mimie’s should have  reach out to her and inform her the label was asking for money. She says she could have  intervene for a collabo to work.

Cameroonian comedian, Old Pancho CY International  had earlier taken to Facebook to warn Kameni to keep away her pride.

Kameni says she feels bad that Old Pancho   whom she respects so much took out time to do a video insulting her and could not reach out to her to hear her own side of the story or find out how she is knowing fully well she has been sick.

Kameni also wonders why people have been bashing her as though she is a foreign artists whereas she is been down for months. She says no one should bash her manager because she is a great manager, not only to her but other artists as well. Kameni in tears says she almost died in India during her surgery if not of her manager and if anyone wants to blame anyone, they should blame her and not her manager .

According to Kameni, this was just a misunderstanding and happened last year, so she wonders why it is coming up now.

She however apologized for everything.

Kameni Clears The Air After Being Dragged For Turning Down Mimie’s Collabo Offer


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