JOVI. The Pride of CameroonMusic

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It is evident that Jovi the MbokoGod and boss of NewBellMusic is the epitome of hardWork, consistency, perserverance and patience.

If by now you are still in doubt of the fact that he is the most revered Cameroonian artiste and the GodFather of Cameroon music for this generation then you’ve been living under a rock for the past years.

Over the years Jovi has been focused on building his brand, repertoire and cementing his Legacy with numerous EP’s and Albums that will live long even after he is gone.

Unlike many other artistes who care more about producing the next HitSong. What they fail to understand is the fact that you can’t build a career as an artiste on a “Hit song“. There is a reason why its called it a “HIT” it’s temporal and fades away with the arrival of the NEXT hit from a competitor.

This is what I believe led most artistes to quit the record label, they were more interested in making HITS than making MUSIC. YouTube views has misled and frustrated the careers of many of our artistes.

His work and dedication to the MUSIC and the CULTURE has earned him the BIGGEST, MOST SUPPORTIVE and LOYAL fan base in Cameroon MbokoGang as they call themselves who are undeniably the #Backbone of our MUSIC INDUSTRY. If JOVI demands #RESPECT it’s because he has earned it and deserves it. He made many Cameroonians fall in love again with our arts after the new wave of Nigerian songs blew us off course. For the first time in a long while a Cameroonian artiste shared the stage with a Nigerian artiste and dominated the show.

We will love to see him do more shows after this, his wings have fully developed and he’s ready to fly.
If no one says it, I will say it loud;

JOVI is the Pride of CameroonMusic

Thank you #JohnnieWalkerMusicAndWhisky for giving our artistes the platform to prove their worth we look forward to more of such.


Brian M Afanyu.


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