Jovi Opens Up On His Beef With Stanley Enow

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Jovi Opens Up On His Beef Stanley With Enow

Speaking to youngsters this Thursday afternoon during the DOMAF music Production Workshop, Jovi has opened up on his beef with fellow Rapper Stanley Enow.

While speaking on his journey in the music industry and other topics like professionalism and personal lessons he has learned so far in music, Jovi was asked about his not so cordial relationship with Stanley.

Jovi Artist
Stanley Enow, Cameroonian Artist

According to Jovi, Stanley has disrespected and “shitted” on him several times. “Stanley Enow shitted on me anytime he had the opportunity. There are times you will be pushing someone thinking that all of you are succeeding, but to them, they think you are not and they easily disrespect you and call you jealous. “Jovi reacts.

The Mboko god went on to reveal that Stanley had said during an interview that it will be impossible to compare Jovi to him because that would be like comparing Petit Pays to Michael Jackson. According to Jovi however, everyone clearly knows he raps better than Stanley and it is surprising that Stanley went on to do a song with the same Petit Pays.

“Stanley said a lot of things about me. In a radio interview he was asked who is better between me and him he said you can’t compare Petit pays to Michael Jackson meaning he is Michael Jackson and I am petit pays. This is someone everyone knows that I rap better than him, to me he is like an ant but I’ve never spoken Ill about anybody. He insulted me using petit pays but finally collaborated with petit pays but me ? I did a song paying Hommage to petit pays and that’s respect.”

“When they call him for a show and ask if they can invite others he be like “No, I’m the one buzing now so why do you need him?”. For me I’ve always given people credit. When I’m called for such shows I say it clearly that this person is doing great. Get him. That’s why when Franco was getting his Buzz for his song, he came to me for a Remix but I said No bro, this is your moment, get it, live it. “ Jovi adds.

When Jovi was asked why he can’t come together with other artists and form a movement, he said we are in an environment that does not have the spirit of sharing and recognition – No one recognizes you. So how do you lead a movement when no one recognizes and acknowledge you? A great system is built on Competence and Recognition but he grew up seeing his elders offer all they could and getting no respect and that’s exactly what he is experiencing.  So he prefers to sit in his corner and work.

Excerpts: Zamani blog

Jovi Opens Up On His Beef With Stanley Enow


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