“Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G”~ MI Abaga

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Nigerian superstar rapper MI Abaga has taken to Twitter to hail Cameroonian rapper, Jovi, for having the most persistent group of fans ever. “Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G”~ MI Abaga.

He tweeted “Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G.”

Jovi is not just a great Cameroonian rapper, but he is in fact one of the biggest rappers in Africa. His fans call themselves, “The Mboko gang.” They are by far the most popular artist-fan group in Cameroon.

"Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G"~ MI Abaga

But why would MI Abaga describe them as the most persistent fan group in Africa?

First, Mboko gang has stood by Jovi all through his career. Even with the emergence of new strong music acts and other music fan groups, they still stand tall, they have grown even bigger in number and their popularity keeps growing by the day.

Secondly, Mboko gang does not only end at supporting Jovi and hyping his songs but they also carry out humanitarian activities within and out of the country. For example: financially supporting internally displaced persons (IDPs) at the AYAH Foundation Base in Buea and supporting Vulnerable/Orphan girl’s education through annual scholarships at the AFRICAN ACTION ON AIDS Based in Yaoundé-Cameroon.

"Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G"~ MI Abaga

They have also created merchandise like T-shirts, caps and face masks with the “Mboko Gang” inscription on them. Part of the profit realized from the sale of this merchandise goes a long way to help support their humanitarian activities.

They are also a dedicated and organized fan group as they have their own website @

"Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G"~ MI Abaga

Their contribution to society since creation has been enormous and they are passionate about what they do. This perhaps explains why MI describes them as the most persistent fan group ever.

It’s worth noting that Jovi and MI have been sharing compliments for some time now and they are rumored to be working on a collabo. “Jovi Got The Most Persistent Fans On G”~ MI Abaga




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