Jovi Finally Proves He Did A Collabo With Wizkid 8 Years Ago By Releasing A Preview Of The Song

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Cameroonian rapper Jovi AKA Mboko god has finally released a preview of a song he did with Nigerian superstar, Wizkid, 8 years ago. Jovi Finally Proves He Did A Collabo With Jovi 8 Years Ago By Releasing A Preview Of The Song

The rap artist had earlier revealed in one of his social media posts that he has an unreleased song that he did some years ago with Wizkid. He was actually responding to a fan who asked him to pay Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie for a feature, instead of posting back and forth for his attention. According to Jovi, he has turned down features with people who are bigger than Sakordie, has produced a song for Akon, and has songs with artists like Wizkid on his computer.

However, it appeared most netizens did not believe that could be possible and wanted proof.

Well, Jovi has finally given them proof as he played an excerpt of the masterpiece during a Facebook live session on Friday, March 12, 2021.

Watch the video below:

Fans of the Mboko god seem to be quite impressed with the song as they have asked him to invite Wizkid over for a video shoot of the song. Jovi has however maintained that he is not ready to release the song.


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