**About Kampii Productions: ** 

Kampii Productions is a media house, an innovative content creation company that thrives on producing compelling visual and written narratives. We are driven by creativity and are eager to amplify our digital footprint. If you are a dynamic, creative, and strategic thinker, this role is for you. 

**Position: Social Media Manager** 

**Responsibilities: ** 

1. **Manage and Monitor**: Oversee and maintain multiple social media profiles, ensuring consistent branding and voice across platforms. 

2. **Content Optimization**: Edit and tailor content to meet SEO and engagement standards. Ensure content is effectively optimized to reach the maximum possible audience. 

3. **Growth Strategy**: Implement growth tactics to increase followers and engagement on our platforms. Develop and maintain a content calendar. 

4. **Promotion**: Actively promote Kampii Productions content across various social media channels, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. 

5. **Innovative Marketing**: Continuously learn and adapt to the evolving digital marketing landscape. Research, recommend, and employ new marketing techniques. 

6. **Strategic Development**: Regularly identify and present new strategies and avenues to promote the Kampii Productions brand. Collaborate with teams to create impactful campaigns. 

7. **Reporting & Analytics**: Track and report on the performance of campaigns and posts. Use insights to inform future strategy. 

**Requirements: ** 

– Proven experience in social media management. 

– Strong understanding of SEO and content optimization. 

– Proficiency in using various social media platforms and tools. 

– Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. 

– Ability to think strategically and creatively. 

– Willingness to continuously learn and adapt to changing algorithms, tools, and trends. 

– Team player with a proactive mindset. 

**Benefits: ** 

– Opportunity to work with a dynamic and creative team. 

– Competitive salary and benefits. 

– Continuous learning and development opportunities. 

Interested candidates are requested to submit some of their best work on any kind of content created with any videographic tool and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and passion for the role. 

Kampii Productions is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences. to our email,

*Join us in creating the next big story! * 

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