Jeff Bezos loses world richest position to Bernard and grasped it hours later

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Fashion CEO Bernard Arnault overtook, Jeff Bezos in the world’s richest position, shifted him to the 2nd position on May 24th morning. Jeff Bezos loses world richest position to Bernard and grasped it hours later.

As reported by Forbes, Monday morning, Bernard had a real-time estimated net worth of $186.3 billion (76,150,125,000,000), making him $300 million richer than Bezos whose worth was, $186 billion.

Bernard Arnault’s worth in recent years has risen rapidly from $76 billion till the present date which has made him enjoyed the richest post for hours.

On May 24th morning, there was an outburst of the news of Bernard ahead of Bezos who has been occupying the post for a long while.

Before the media could settle on the new changes, the Amazon Boss reclaimed his position surpassing Bernard with an estimated worth of $188.9 billion

With the development, he kicked Bernard to the number two position with $188.7 billion. For the fashion guru to meet up with Bezos, he needs the sum of $200 million.


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