Screenshot_2018-03-02-13-32-41-1We all know him as Jovi aka Tchana Ndukong Godlove Nfor. CEO of Cameroon based label Newbell Music, I mean he needs no further introduction.

I just sat and decided to analyse this thing, so to my point of view it’s about time Cameroonian rapper Jovi sits up because I for one feel like Jovi and Newbell music have a lot to offer especially if they take some things into consideration.
            Well first off they need to be open to the world, okay what I mean is this, sooner or later whether you like it or not we will get tired of constant tracks produced by Le Monstre not forgetting the fact that Ndukong Bertrand directs about 90% of the music videos from Newbell music. Though he has a team it seems like he is doing the work all by himself, true he directs good but cheap videos but it’s about time he starts hiring professional video directors to come and help him direct some of his music videos, who will not like to see Jovi or Reniss in a music video directed by Nkeng Stephens or Adrenaline?
True Jovi produces good beats, he is a good producer but it won’t kill to have another producer make your beats, you never know who you might meet and what incredible soundtrack you might come up with.
         Next up is the fact that Newbell Music needs fresh blood. Believe it or not, the Cameroon music industry is coming and it’s coming up big time, with all the competition in the industry now “if you no shidon fine you go loss ya chair”. Seriously with artists like Kikoh, Marc Cedric, Young Holiday and Bessingi I can assure you it will not be easy, what I’m trying to say here is let Tchana and his record label be open to collaborations maybe but just maybe it will increase their record labels status or if not they can always return to their former ways.

Last but not the least I think or those who do research or follow Newbell music know they have kind of a bad reputation not only because of the disses or the frequent exit of stars from the label, but the fact that people say Jovi does not pay his artists, Tilla herself said this in an interview that the darkest period in her music career was at Newbell music and she made zero money during her stay there. Something has to be done about this because that is a lot of negative vibe in the air and it’s not healthy at all for a record label.
People, please don’t get me wrong I am not saying Jovi is a wack artist or Newbell Music is not a good record label. All I’m saying is “It’s about time Jovi sits up”.



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