It appears there is a cold war going on between two of Cameroon’s UK based Influencers, Delly Singah and Mama Atalaku, as they have different views on the trending issue of GIVEAWAYS.

In a recent live video, Delly Singah said the giveaway trend is causing more harm than good because of the way the givers are doing it.

According to Delly, it downplays on the integrity of the receiver, encourages laziness and scamming because some people create fake multiple profiles and fake stories to extort money from people.

According to her, it would be better to give out this money to these persons, without throwing it out to them like dogs.

A few hours later, Mama Atalaku who is famous for doing giveaways, in several posts, fired back some shots at Delly Singah.

According to Mama Atalku, this was a direct attack on her and it’s hypocritical how her colleague says she can’t bring her down, yet wants to destroy her growth strategy.

“Hypocrisy is the word. “I can never fight my fellow colleague” yet you di want destroy ei growth strategy. KONTOSYNTOMSIS” Mama Atalaku.


By Nkafu

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