Cameroonian UK based Media Personality and Counselor, Delly Singhah Philips has taken to social media to address the two big cliques in the Cameroon movie industry.

This comes on the heels of “CAMIFF” by Agbor Gilbert Ebot and KUVAH Movie premiere by Syndy Emade; two events organized almost at the same time.

Camiff photos

Camiff started on April 24 and and the closing ceremony was on April 29. The Kuvah movie premiere on the hand was organized on April 30.

Both events brought together several movie stars and guests in the industry and were both successful. However, Delly Singhah wonders if both event could not have been organized at separate periods and the organizers supporting each other. Definitely, the success rate would have been bigger.

It appears there are two camps (cliques) in the movie industry; the Camp of Agbor Gilbert, Stephanie Tum and Co. (Camiff Camp) and then the Camp of Syndy Emade, perhaps Alenne Menget and co. (Kuvah camp).

Kuvah movie premiere

Syndy Emade and Alenne Menget were not present at Camiff and Agbor Gilbert and Stephanie Tum were equally not present at the Kuvah premiere.

Again, Delly Singhah wonders “why the disunity? …. an industry without a calendar?”

Delly Singhah Philips

Here is Delly Singhah’s full write up:

An avalanche of POWER TUSSLE!

What a week to be alive in 237Showbiz!
The most alluring pictures and videos of the latest our industry has to offer; Artist, Actors, Designers, Influencers, Bloggers all showcasing their A-Game!
This has got to be the most we’ve seen in our INDUSTRY!
However, the dust tree gets us all coughing coughing coughing; pretentiously so!

It is the silent wars, the power tussle, the “proving a point”, the “we are the best”, the disunity, the division etc.
For an industry so fragile, yet so full of dust tree.

Look at the crowd Camiff pulled and look at the one Kuvah pulled. That’s how influential we ANGLOPHONES are. Imagine if we could keep aside these differences and stand as a PEOPLE!
Imagine if this was synergised!!!

It’s sad to say the least! Sad how these seemingly negligible cliques and camps in the industry have morphed into glaring HAT3 & ENMINTY!
Yes, we cannot always work together!
Howbeit, we can at least agree on simple things like dates of events na!!!
For an industry without a CALENDAR 🤔
Camiff is 29th and Kuvah is 30th! Only to raise some dust tree! interesting coincidence huh? 😅

Notice, how very uninterested “our French Brothers” were? Talk less of our supposed “Nigerian brothers”
Of course, I can’t blame them. They’ve got their own shit to worry about.

We complain of our “numbers” daily.
No! We fail to admit the disunity amongst us.
No! We fail to see how much of this nonsense is killing us Southern Cameroonians.
No one can ever take us seriously with this much dust tree in our industry.

They see the disunity. They leverage on it and make us look stup!d and insignificant!
Then, we blame the government and our numbers and the viscous cycle is endless!

When we are ready to settle the dust tree, we’ll sure build an industry. Until then, we di boil na black beans untop candle and just like someone rightly said, well forever be seen as two cubes of sugar in an ocean.”


By Nkafu

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