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People tell their stories through many ways. Some visually, orally and others by writing. For years now, knowledge has been passed down by people, telling the story of their experiences. Most of these knowledge or experiences have been uttered in one way or another because of the way they have been transmitted from one generation to another or stored. The most common and efficient way to preserve knowledge is by writing. Also, the best way to acquire knowledge, or get to understand people’s experiences is by reading their work. Reading another person’s work is very important because it helps you boost your imagination, prepare you for future actions, gain self-improvement and increase your vocabulary.

Reading other people’s work is very important because it helps as entertainment. Books are cheap or free entertainment one can get. Although most books are meant for studying, some are there for entertainment. You might get to entertain yourself with peoples work as you get acquainted with the book characters and visualize in your memory as real people. You get to understand their experiences and learn from their actions. Reading for entertainment is very important because it is cheap and or free.

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Reading other people’s book is also very crucial because you get to gain a lot of experiences. When you are reading, you are gaining the knowledge and experience of someone. It can hasten your success towards a goal, as you don’t need to repeat the same mistake while focusing on the right path to achieving something. For example, scientist solves world problems in the past which might still be an issue today. So, for you to better understand the concept of the problem, it will be better you acquaint yourself with the formal solution to these problems. Reading is important because it helps us gain experience of the past to be able to solve or understand present problems.

Reading is also important because it helps in improving our communication skills and vocabulary. Those who are always quiet are those who have nothing to share. So, in order to sharpen your communication skills, you got to read peoples work so as to acquire more knowledge from diverse subject matters and these will help in your communication skills. Reading is crucial because it increases or diversity on different topics of discussions, increase or facts, vocabulary, and confident to communicate with other people fluently.

Reading other people’s work is important because it keeps us informed about our society. When we read, we get to connect to the world and understand what is happening in our society. We get to acquire new opportunities, information on the things happening around us and it even makes life easier because you get to understand how the world works and why things are done the way they are done. Reading is crucial because it helps with our day to day activities and makes things understandable and easier.


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Don't be fooled & cajoled by the pleasantries of flourishing cultures to the very neglect of yours. Your origin is your identity, it's your root, it is your cradle.No matter…

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