“I started shooting videos with an IPad but today I shoot 4k, never give up” says Director Mr.Asa

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Hello readers and welcome to another edition of six questions with a celeb, today we have no one else but a powerhouse Director known as Mr.Asa.

Kampiiproductions: Hello Mr.Asa, how is your day?

Mr.Asa: Good morning kampiiproductions, my day is blessed.

Kampiiproductions: For a few who are yet to know you, please tell the readers who is Mr.Asa?

Mr.Asa: okay, I’m a Limbe based film and video Director. I used to dance as a hobby, I love watching the television and playing with my two beautiful girls April Rhema and Jolie Esther.

Kampiiproductions: That’s amazing, as a Director I suppose you face some challenges. What are some of the challenges you face with artists as a video Director?

Mr.Asa: That should be low budget. Low budget is one of my biggest challenges so far, the creativity is there as well as the experience but sometimes I being limited by the budget. Thank God for the Nkeng Stephen’s “Hold hand movement” that always supports me in every way they can.

Kampiiproductions: Talking about Nkeng stephens, what is your opinion on the 1 million fcfa for a video concept?

Mr.Asa: Actually it’s 1.5 million and I think that amount is not for upcoming artists but for those who are already getting paid in the industry. It is said “cut your coat according to your size” producing a professional video is not an easy task, from the equipments to the concept. You know creativity is not sold in the market.

Kampiiproductions: Wow, limbe has great entertainers and artists. Do you think limbe is beign given the attention it deserves?

Mr.Asa: Before I became a Director I was an artist and in many years as an entertainer I came to understand that in showbiz attention is not given to you until you call for it, Limbe artists need to make people believe in thier art. Then and only then will people face and recognize them, I am also very glad some are picking up.

Kampiiproductions: so where do you see limbe in two years to come? Do you see them dominating the kamer entertainment industry?

Mr.Asa: Limbe will not only dominate but will hold the kamer entertainment industry hostage.

Kampiiproductions:I can imagine howmuch chaos those words of yours are going to cause. Now please tell us when the dream of becoming a video Director started and what influenced it?

Mr.Asa: I have the best video Director as a mentor and brother(Nkeng Stephens). As an artist I realized I will always find myself behind the camera trying to tell the director what to do and as time went by, the love for motion pictures increased drastically.

Kampiiproductions: Last but not least, an advise for upcoming Directors who will one day want to attain thier dreams like Mr.Asa.

Mr.Asa: In the beginning I had no way or idea on how to start but I had to start from somewhere, I shot my first two videos with an IPad and people looked and told me“this man you go go far” Those words got me up to this point. I started shooting music videos with an iPad but now I shoot 4k, never give up on your dreams.

Kampiiproductions: Thanks alot for your time and contributions Mr.Asa, it has been exciting to have you on kampiiproductions “six questions with a celeb” and I hope to see you soon.

Mr.Asa: You are always welcome.

#Nevergiveup Mr.Asa

Thanks for reading thru if you have Any questions for Mr.Asa please drop it in the comment space below.


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