“I saw Francis N’Gannou being defeated by Tyson Fury in his next fight. This is a revelation, not a prophecy because it can be changed” these were the words of popular Cameroonian Prophet, Prophet Elijah Abiri, during a recent Facebook session.

Prophet Elijah added that he is working on this, to change things and went on to ask Francis N’Gannou to contact him, as there are things he will like to discuss with him privately.

According to the Prophet, Francis N’Gannou has already been defeated in the spiritual realm and if this happens physically, it will affect him enormously and break him down. However, if he contacts him and they handle it, things can change.

Francis N’Gannou will face Tyson Fury in his next fight on October 28 in Saudi Arabia. This is apparently his most anticipated fight in recent years.


By Nkafu

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