Cameroonian rapper, Askia has tevealed that she has not made any money from music, after being in the industry for 13 years.

The mother of one and Artiste under the Lionn Production label made the revelation during a recent interview on Hall of Fame with Darling Lyonga.

According to Askia, what stars portray on social media doesn’t reflect the reality of their lives, as life is hard for her and her daughter, though she may appear on social media as one living a very comfortable life.

According to an except of her interview shared by Darling Lyonga, Askia says she can’t pretend all is well and she is calling on Cameroonians of Goodwill to help her out, as life is hard for her as a single mom.

Askia and Daughter

Here is an except of Askia’s interview on Hall of Fame.

‘’ I have not made any money since I started singing. I have been doing Rap music for 13years now and I’m yet to make money off it.

Forget what you see on social media, Life is hard for my daughter and I . I can’t come out and pretend all is well when it’s not. As a single mum, life’s hard for me and I plead that Cameroonians of goodwill help me out’’ ASKIA on Hall of Fame With Darling Lyonga.

Credit: Darling Lyonga (Host of Hall of Fame)


By Nkafu

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