Legendary Footballer and the President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), Samuel Eto’o, has reassured his followers and Cameroonians in general, that his project to restore the greatness of Cameroonian football is still on course.

He calls on his fans not to be afraid, despite all the controversies surrounding his reign as President of FECAFOOT.

Here is his message:

“My name is Samuel Eto’o Fils. I am Cameroonian from here, from elsewhere, from every millimeter of the ‘Continent.’ The sap of all our identities flows in my veins.

I have even been raised to the dignity of an ‘African soldier’ by Nelson Mandela. Peace and serenity to those who support me in my project to restore all the greatness to Cameroonian football. We endure the violence of adversity, but let’s not give in to it.

We will stumble in front of obstacles, but we will keep moving forward. If we happen to fall, God will give us the strength to rise and move forward. Our intentions are noble, our strength is our faith in a better future for our young footballers.

We will achieve this with the help of Cameroonians from Mokolo to Yabassi, from Foumban to Tongolo, from Akonolinga to Bamougoum, passing through Bokito, and even through Pitoa. Strength and courage to you, my friends. May God bless all of you. Thank you.”


By Nkafu

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