The President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), Samuel Eto’o has debunked rumors that he is not in good terms with Andre Onana and he is the reason why the world class Goalkeeper is no longer in the national team.

Remember, the fourth Vice President of FECAFOOT, Henry Njalla Quan II, who has now resigned, had alleged in a Press Conference that Eto’o is the reason Onana no longer plays for Cameroon.

Speaking in a recent video, Eto’o said he doesn’t bypass the authority of the Head Coach of the Indomitable Lions, Rigobert Song, to do this or that.

“I don’t bypass the authority of the head coach to do this or that. It’s a lie. If I had a problem with my son (Andre Onana) he himself knows, he would not have come into my room the morning following the incident. I’ll stop there. There has never been a problem between my son and I.

In 2017, Onana was not in our national team. He didn’t even know he was the best goalkeeper in the world; I knew already. I said it loud and strong… history is stubborn. He played a final against Manchester United…he made a pass breaking the lines over 62 metres.

Everyone stood on their feet in the stands to ask who he was and I said ‘He’s the best goalkeeper in the world’. But he wasn’t playing in the national team. Clarence Seedorf then came as coach and those who were fighting against me said ‘Andre Onana is in the team because Samuel Eto’o has brought Seedorf.’

Today, it’s because Eto’o has problems with Onana… History is stubborn! History is stubborn! I hope that these children, wherever they are, understand and will understand that we have one love which is the national team. My job is to protect all these children.”

He added that Onana is his son and in 2017 when Onana was not even in the National team, he knew he was the best Goalkeeper in the world and played a crucial role to get him into the team.


By Nkafu

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