Cameroonian Actress, Stephanie Tum has debunked rumors that she and her fellow Actress, Syndy Emade have either had a rift in the past or are currently beefing each other.

Stephanie Tum was responding to a post made by the platform, Nexdime Empire.
Nexdime Empire in their post had criticized Old Pancho for a post he made praising Syndy Emade, while trying to downgrade Stephanie Tum.

According to Nexdime, Old Pancho was using the strategy of a “common enemy” to fight Stephanie Tum, who is definitely his “enemy”. To Nexdime, this is wrong and they went on to add that “Truth be told, the two actresses (Stephanie and Syndy) had a rift in the past” but not anymore.

Actress Stephanie Tum was apparently shocked to read this and challenged those who have been pushing the narrative of Syndy and her being enemies, to come out and state categorically clear what the rift was about.

“I do not have and I will never have any rift with this woman,” Stephanie Tum added and frowned at what she describes as trying to “create a Genevieve/Omotola rivalry.”

Full screenshot:


By Nkafu

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