“I Didn’t Have My Soul At New Bell Music” Tilla Tafari Reveals

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Cameroonian Afro Raggae Hip Hop artiste, Tilla Tafari AKA The God Mother recently made a public appeal, requesting her true fans to invest in her music by sponsoring a song for her, and if it is not a hit, she will retire as a musician.”I Didn’t Have My Soul At New Bell Music” Tilla Tafari Reveals

She wrote:

“I’ll be turning 30 on January 26th and this is what I want for my birthday: If at all I have any true believers, y’all should pay for me to record one song and shoot the video. If it isn’t a hit then I’m going to retire as a musician. Here’s my momo number. MTN: 683118480 ORANGE: 693690602. THE CLOCK IS TICKING…”


Tilla Tafari

A fan in response to Tilla said this is one of the reasons why she has to be grateful to New Bell Music because there, she had everything. Tilla however, did not quite agree with him. According to her, she had nothing. The fan went on to list some of these good things Tilla was given at New Bell Music which according to him are a great team, studio, a support system, and above all, a great unmatchable talent flow. Tilla agreed that she may have had all that but she didn’t have her soul.

Many fans have wondered why she would say she didn’t have a soul at New Bell Music. Recall that back in 2020, Tilla made a live video on Facebook in which she made some staggering revelations about her time as an artist signed under the New Bell Music Label owned by Cameroonian rapper, Jovi.

According to Tilla, her relationship with her former record label boss was not quite a good one; he made several promises which included buying her a phone if her song hit 5000 downloads but she checked a week later and the song had already hit 3500 downloads, but till date, that and several other promises have never been fulfilled.

Tilla added that she sacrificed a lot because she was an artist at New Bell Music. According to her, Pit Barcaddi had expressed interest in signing her as an artist under Empire but she didn’t accept because she believed in Jovi. She also won the American DV Lottery and wanted to travel to the US to get a better life but her former boss, Jovi convinced her to stay because they could make it in Cameroon and she accepted to stay because she believed in the dream Jovi sold to her.

So when Tilla says she didn’t have her soul at New Bell Music, it is probably because of some of these revelations she made in a Facebook live session back in 2020. The record label boss, Jovi has however not come out to debunk these allegations or tell his own side of the story.


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