“I Cry, Feel Guilty Each Time I Listen To Gospel Music” Kameni Reveals

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“I Cry, Feel Guilty Each Time I Listen To Gospel Music” Kameni Reveals

237 Ghetto Queen,  Kameni has revealed that something strange seems to be happening to her and she doesn’t understand.

Kameni who recently went through two major surgeries says she has been through a lot of pains within the last few months and gospel music has been helping her go through these pains but what she doesn’t understand is the guilt,  strange feeling, and tears that come whenever she listens to gospel music.

The “Nayo Nayo”  crooner wrote:

“I have been through lots of pain for months now and during this time I have been listening to a lot of gospel music but what I don’t understand is the guilt and this strange feeling I get that makes me cry anytime I listen to gospel songs. I don’t understand what is happening to me.”

While reacting to Kameni’s post, most of her fans have said this may just be a hint that God may be calling her to sing for him. Perhaps she needs to get close to God. Others also think this may just be a hint from Kameni herself that she may be dropping circular music to embrace the gospel.

Here are some reactions from colleagues and fans:


It’s well huni
I wish you quick recovery
There’s nothing wrong with the message in your music …. don’t let the devil tame your light, it’s your time to shine
Adela Elad

Jesus needs you my dear sister, tell him in your prayers to forgive you and show you the way to serve in His kingdom. Surrender to him dear, he loves you too much and is interested in your pains.
William Nelson Atoundem

There’s a void in your heart that’s shaped like the Lord Jesus Christ.
God speaks sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, but we are not careful.
The Lord Jesus Christ is speaking to you.
Samme D Nzegge

God is trying to speak to you and change your life mom! Maybe you will be our own chidinma of Cameroon 🇨🇲 more Grace mom.. the Lord is trying to tell you to use your voice to praise him instead.\
Cdric von Kmac

Don’t worry sweetie. Everything is gonna be well very soon. The message in your music has always been full of virtue.
But if you feel you should also put God in the vibes… Don’t worry, you have been putting him already.

Josette Sap

I think it’s because you went through a lot of things it’s the reason why you feel melancholic about gospel music. It is healing your soul by the way you can emphasize some of God’s themes in your music. I wish you a quick recovery.
Recall that in June this year, the Lionn Production lone artist revealed that she had survived two major surgeries in just two months and added that she couldn’t be more grateful to God for giving her another chance to live.

“I Cry, Feel Guilty Each Time I Listen To Gospel Music” Kameni Reveals


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