” I can boastfully say kamer has the best rappers and messengers in Africa” Young Holiday.

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Kampiiproductions: Hello readers on today’s edition of Six Questions with a celeb we have the amazing rap sensation Young Holiday. So Young Holiday how is your day?

Young Holiday: My day is good and I have to say I’m really excited to be here.

Kampiiproductions: okay so straight to business, First we will like you to tell your fans who Young holiday is.

Young Holiday: Well Young holiday is a human being, a rapper and an artist. I use words to paint pictures of my every day realities and fantasies. I am a messenger and an interpreter of knowledge… That’s young holiday.

Kampiiproductions : Those words did paint a picture. So what do you think of kamer hip-hop nowadays?

Young Holiday: First I would love to appreciate the fans of kamer hiphop for being patient enough to watch this genre take form and evolve. We are at a point where I can boastfully say kamer has the best rappers and messengers in Africa. Our hiphop is unique and its just a matter of time before we take over Africa and the world. I am honored to be part of this movement.

Kampiiproductions: Let’s talk on your musical style, How will you describe your musical style?

Young Holiday: I will describe my musical style as reflective music, you might not get the message from the first listen, and thats ok. Just replay and brain storm on. This gets you closer to the music and to your emotions. I see myself as a native doctor using my lyrics to heal broken hearts and encourage the weak.

Kampiiproductions: So far you have never let your fans down, you always deliver. Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Young Holiday: I find my inspiration from my experiences, my enviroment. My struggles, my joys, my successes and my failures too. Creating a healthy connection with ma inner voice helps alot too.

Kampiiproductions : With the numerous amount of labels in Cameroon, If you were to join a label in Cameroon which will it be and why?

Young Holiday: I am extremely happy with the label i work with “vanilla tunes”. Its more like a family, But if I had to choose another label in Cameroon it will be motherland empire. For their understanding of the showbiz world. Every artist wants the world to hear his story, alot of labels in Cameroon are really taking our music to the next level and I respect them all.

Kampiiproductions : You’ve got a unique type of flow, so tell us who your rap icon is and why?

Young Holiday: My rap icon is my reflection. This is because i relate best with his songs. I connect to his words

Kampiiproductions : If you where to name the number 1 rap producer in cameroon who will it be and why?

Young Holiday: I think i will go for #Ralf instrumentals and that’s because I have worked with him the most and he understands the blend between the instruments and the voices perfectly.

Kampiiproductions: A few words for your fans and love ones.

Young Holiday: We are family and we should believe in our potentials. Let’s write our stories the way we want to be remembered.

Kampiiproductions: It’s a wrap then. I have to say it was really interesting having you here today Young Holiday.

Young Holiday: I’m Honored.

Well readers that’s all we have for you today, it was an exciting edition of Six Questions with a celeb and don’t forget you are free th ask Young Holiday any Questions for the next 48 hours in the comment section below.

See you next time.


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