“I Approached Kameni For A Collabo But Her Response Was Shocking” Mimie Reveals

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“I Approached Kameni For A Collabo But Her Response Was Shocking” Mimie Reveals

Many music lovers in Cameroon have always wondered why they hardly ever see any collaborations between Cameroonian female artists. It is easier to see a collaboration between two male artists or a male and a female every now and then, but not two females. But why though?

Well, one of such female artists Mimie has revealed why it is difficult for her to do any collabos with a female artist. According to the “Ten-Ten” crooner, she approached fellow singer Kameni for a collabo but her response shocked her.


Mimie was speaking during an interview with ABK Radio on a show “Comme a la maison.” The presenter asked her if it is true that she hasn’t done any collabo with a Cameroonian female artist and this was Mimie’s reply:

“No, not at all. I went to Kameni… honestly, her reaction shocked me. She’s someone I really appreciate and whose talent I respect. But I was extremely shocked by her reaction.
I had to release my album last year and suddenly I thought, if I make a sound with her that would be good. We went to her manager Vera, who asked me to pay. We were overwhelmed … I said it’s good, I don’t want to do it anymore.”
Mimie said despite this reaction from Vera, she went to support Kameni during the launch of her EP and still told her about her intention to collaborate with her but her reaction was still shocking.
“Despite that, I went to support her at the launch of her EP and while we were taking pictures, I told her that I wish we could work on a sound and she replied: “no, no, discuss that with my manager, ” Mimie reveals further.
“Nayo Nayo” crooner Kameni is still to share her own side of the story. She is currently recovering from a double operation that has kept her away from the music scene for over 2 months. We hope she eventually shares her own side of the story.

“I Approached Kameni For A Collabo But Her Response Was Shocking” Mimie Reveals


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