“I am The Best, you are being disrespectful if you say you are.” Jovi speaks.

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Jovi, considered one of Cameroon’s greatest rappers of all time, recently took to social media to reiterate that he is the best in the rap business in Cameroon and also to shade those who have been trying to claim that spot because he sees it as a disrespect to him and his art. According to the New Bell Music Boss, he is the best because he has proved it in French, English, Pidgin, and other native languages. “I am The Best, you are being disrespectful if you say you are.” Jovi speaks.

Jovi did not outrightly mention the name(s) of the artiste(s) he was referring to in his posts but several fans, considering his longtime beef with fellow rapper Stanley Enow, were quick to conclude that he was referring to Stanley.

Stanley Enow, Cameroonian Artist

However, Jovi has in another post made it clear that he was not referring to Stanley Enow and even Stanley himself will not do that. He added that he was not talking about rap and clearly Stanley no longer raps. So he was definitely not referring to him.

This latest post from Jovi has actually given fans some sought of hope that the two stars may eventually put away their feud and perhaps work together or at least, have a cordial relationship as colleagues.

Since then though, Jovi has continued to throw more shades with comments like ” You are the best in your dreams” and ” You are the best, where? on Facebook or Instagram? I know it is not in rap, hip hop, or music. It is perhaps in animation or Afro-pop.”

Jovi, Cameroonian rapper

Music lovers in Cameroon would probably give anything to find out who this person Jovi has been throwing shades at is. They can’t help but continue to speculate. One thing Jovi has maintained all along is that “He is the Best” in rap and no one can take that spot away from him.


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