-“I am naturally a born rebel”. Brenda biya

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Cameroon’s daughter Brenda Biya breaks the media with another revelation of her being a born Rebel. The reasons which triggered this confession are still unknown.

According to the businesswoman, she does not follow the pack and accept laws because is accepted by many. She also added not seeing things the way people do.

Brenda Biya is always at the center of his dad’s discussion since she is a public figure, if not accused of lavish spending, she will be dragged for not helping Cameroonians.

Nevertheless, the CEO of Bree magazine always silent her trolls with her, establishments apart from being a business guru, she is a paint artist and a musician who has promised to drop an album soon.

Brenda Biya despite being a public figure always throws out her feelings to the public, this time one which holds controversies and unanswered questions.

She wrote:

“I don’t see things like most people. I have different views. I don’t just follow the pack blindly.. I constantly try to challenge the rules of society.

I’m a natural born Rebel 😏

sure, it has some negative connations; but being rebellious just means you go by your own rules.”

A year ago, videos surfaced in the media about The president’s daughter being “disciplined” for violating the unity palace rules “as she revealed”. This pushed her to locate to France. Does this disclosure of her being rebellious answer this incident? Leave your comment behind, don’t forget to subscribe to our website


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