Top 5 ways to make money with your music in Cameroon.

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Hello Team K.P daily readers, we know just a few artists nowadays get into the music business for the love of the art meaning the majority get into music for the Money.

If you clicked this link and found yourself here today, it means you are interested in making some cash from your music, Here are 5 ways.


Here is how most artists make money from collaborations. After artist A is being contacted to drop a verse or hook or even the chorus to a song an agreed amount is being given to artist A for this service making his pockets thicker.

Most upcoming artists do “verse for verse” or drop free verses on fellow artists songs for free just because they think they are still upcoming and not good enough. This is wrong! Put a Price Tag on your art.


CD sales back in the days used to be artists top revenue earner, but today we have the internet. Well the internet just reduced the amounts of CD’s which can be sold but some artists still make money from CD sales.

Artists still sell CD’s during Concerts, Music Launch and Vehicles still come with the CD slots and many people still have CD players at home and at work.


We believe you all know who song writers are, so ghost writers are same as song writers but are paid off so they receive no credits for their work.

Believe it or not but song writers make alot of cash in the music business, they write songs and sell to artists, TV and Radio stations(Jingles) and get extra pay from royalties of their songs.


This right here is what put artists at the top of any ratings when it comes to highest earners.

If you want to make some cash, make sure you stop doing free shows. One free show will lead to 6 more, learn to sell yourself. Kameni Alone had about 10 shows in the months of December alone and none of them were free.


Platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and many more have made it possible for artists to earn money online through streaming.

This helps artists make money with every listen an individual gives them. This of cause is highly ignored by most Cameroonians but is a great income earner for those who know what it’s all about.

Thanks for sticking by through out our 5 points and feel free to add any other money making method in the comments section.


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