How to have a happy and healthy vagina.

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How to have a happy and healthy vagina.


Want a healthy vagina?? The organ requires very little care, so less is more says Dr. Beri Ridgeway. She encourages women to do the following;

1) Go for whole-body health:

Eat right control your weight and exercise. Not only is it good for your whole body, but it’s also very good for your sexual organs too. Conversely, chronic conditions can put women at risk. For example, poorly controlled diabetes increases a woman’s likelihood of contracting yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

2) Get regular screening:

Stay current with your health status as a woman and see your gynecologist for screening and routine care. Remember that intervals for routine care for pap smears change based on your age. “Check Pap Smears online” for young women HPV vaccines are very essential especially to reduce the risk of having cervical cancer.

3) Use condoms:

It is very important as a woman to protect yourself from sexually transmittable diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Insist on using condoms with any new partner you have this way your chances of STIs are reduced and you have a healthy vagina.

4) Just use water:

Your vagina is self-cleaning. Using harsh chemicals or prepackaged wipes or douching can disrupt its normal routine of self-cleaning. If you must for your sanity’s sake use something for cleaning a mild soap is okay for the external genitalia. Most chemicals packaged to keep a woman’s vagina smelling fresh and nice are not backed by any medical evidence and can lead to other health problems for the vagina. If you have very sensitive skin also look out for the soaps and shampoos used for showering. Even lubricants can cause irritation so always e on the lookout.

5) Don’t prep for Gynaecologist:

I mean just showering is enough all the harsh chemicals used to make you smell somehow exceptional only causes damage to your vagina’s health. You are going for a gynecologist appointment so shower and feel good don’t overdo it.

6) Prolapse and incontinence are usually not dangerous:

These conditions only need treatment if they bother you. But if they don’t do not bother to treat them when just cause the gynecologist pointed it out. However, if you have a hard time emptying your bowels due to pain, or bleeding it’s time to seek medical help.

7) Vagina estrogen is fine for most women:

Vagina estrogen can help prevent or reverse changes that occur with the change in age for example painful sex ( due to thinning vaginal walls and lack of elasticity) and increase risk for UTIs (due to pH changes cause the vagina is less acidic…

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