How to be Successful; The Ultimate goal of life


Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to be. If you have a dream that you have not attained here a few strategies for you to propel you to new heights of your life.



Everyone is born with a life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging, and honouring this purpose is one step in becoming successful. Once you have identified your purpose pursue it with passion determination and enthusiasm. It is only your purpose that brings in fun and fulfilment because you are doing what you love to do, what you are good at and accomplishing what’s important to you. Without purpose as the compass to guide you, your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfil you. You don’t want to get to the top of the ladder only to find out you had it leaning up against the wrong wall. The reason most people you think are successful having all the wealth but yet unhappy is because they missed the track pursuing their life purpose. Note that money number of cars, houses, estates are not a measuring scale for true success. What matters is if happiness is attached to your achievements, and this only comes if you are on purpose.



If you have discovered your purpose then its time to make that bold decision: decide what you want to do, be, and have. It’s not difficult but it takes a leap of faith, you need to be bold to make that decision. Just decide. Don’t spend time living someone else’s dreams. You will be pleasing others at your own expense and the end result you will end up confused and numb to your own desires. Don’t feel discouraged don’t think your preferences in life are too small. Honour your desires in every situation. They might be inconsequential to someone else, but they are not to you.


One of the negative mindsets in Africa is that there must always be someone or something to blame for any of our failures. When the outcome is negative we play the blame game looking for someone to blame. If we don’t find someone we blame something. If we don’t find anything we blame the circumstance. We even blame the weather, the location, the road, the government and so on. We never want to look at where the real problem is-ourselves. When you play the blame game you relax after all it was the climate’s fault or its because I’m in Cameroon the economy is harsh. If I was in… It could have been better. All those are flimsy excuses we make that makes us lazy and less achieved. If you want to be successful you must be bold enough and take full responsibility for everything that you experience in your life. It will make you strong and more competent to embrace success.



Most people think that if they have to be successful then they need to have the money right now build their homes almost next year have a job straight away and if it doesn’t happen when they feel discouraged and frustrated, they even resort to illegal activities to make fast money. Where are you rushing to? note that anything you get easily also disappears easily. True success comes with time and the start is always difficult, cumbersome but does not feel frustrated. Keep building that solid foundation in the little way that you can. And be sure of a great and successful reward for your labour



Plan carefully how you want your life to be, set goals that will stretch you and devise strategies to achieve these goals. These strategies require your creativity, it requires you to be exposed know about others and their strategies find out from already successful people the strategies they used to attain their goals and see how you can devise yours. It is still not enough, along with the line you might feel stuck. like it isn’t moving anymore, the results are not favourable, then its time for you to re-strategize. At this point you’ve got to change your ways of thinking, your strategies for more compelling ones. Note that if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will keep on getting what you’ve always got. If you want a different result then its time to do something different that is re-strategize



The world doesn’t recognise you for what you know but for what you do. There’s an enduring axiom of success that says “the universe rewards action”. Yet most people are only involved in planning, analysing, and organising when what they really need is action. Don’t just talk it. Talk is cheap. Get up now and do action. Get into motion. Even if you don’t start perfectly, learn from your mistakes, make necessary corrections, and keep taking action until you get the result that you have always wanted. When you take action, you trigger all things that will inevitably carry you to success. Let those around you know that you are serious about your intention. So do not waste any more time don’t say I’ll start tomorrow. START NOW.

These are some principles of life that leads you to true success. To become that man or that woman that you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t just read it but practice it.

Questions arising from any of the points or detailed explanations on the points are always welcomed. Be sure to have sufficient answers to your worries.

Elad Barika


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Don't be fooled & cajoled by the pleasantries of flourishing cultures to the very neglect of yours. Your origin is your identity, it's your root, it is your cradle.No matter…

4 thoughts on “How to be Successful; The Ultimate goal of life

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      What is the difference between network marketing and multi level marketing.

      • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

        Network marketing is a direct sales business model in which a manufacturer markets products directly to the customer by use of independent distributors who promote the products simply by recommending it to friends and relatives.
        Multi level marketing is the same as network marketing the only difference is that the independent distributors initiate others into the system of distributing products to customers who in turn receive commission and compensation.

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      It’s very inspiring and it helps to present the right picture on how to succeed. So to I will recommend that you do all this things by investing in your personality because for what you are you will have. Always work on being not having.

      • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

        Yeah thats true working on your personality is very important because with a well developed personality all what you seek in life attracts to you. Not you rushing after them because the opportunities and the people you need will come your way

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