How to get record labels to notice(sign) you 101.

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If after reading my last article about ‘becoming your own Boss’ you still think you need the help of record labels in-order to make it, well I sat down and gathered a few tips for you which might help you accomplish just that.

Get a manager.

Most upcoming artists in general do not know the importance of a manager. Getting a good manager is good and very important because he will help you grow.

Most managers in the music industry already have a certain amount of connections and will definitely help introduce you to some people who might help you get the attention you deserve.

He will help you manage your time, get gigs, find sponsors and even find a record label for you. He’s main role as manager is to handle all the things, persons, companies and even Handel legal aspects which concern your career.

You should know that all this comes at a price. The manager will receive a cut or percentage of your income which usually varies between 10-20% depending on your relationship with the manager.

Always be online.

Make sure you are always connected to the internet, especially social media platforms because this is also used as a marketing platform nowadays. Always check your stats on trending platforms like;

  • Your Facebook likes
  • Instagram followers
  • Twitter followers
  • YouTube subscribers

Believe it or not but the people following you in these platforms are already fans or love the music you make so you should feed them with your tracks and E.P’s . Due to your continuous updates on your social media accounts you will be able to attract lots of people’s attention and one never knows when u might get noticed by record labels.

True, you need to spend more time in the studio but already reserve Some time for social media interactions.

Frequently do gigs.

Perform frequently, I know the mindset of Some artists today is that they must get paid for gigs. No not at this stage, at this stage you should humble yourself and do gigs which earn you little or nothing.

Get noticed performing on stage. The more you put your music out there the more you will get to meet professionals or established artists.

Note that there are always scouts watching and hunting for talents from many labels, so never underestimate any gig because you do not know when or where the magic might happen.

Record demos

In order for labels to listen to your product, you must have recorded demos which you can send to label owners or have your manager hand it to them. It is also very important to always have a copy of your demo wherever you go so if u get to meet an established artist or a label Boss you might hand a copy to them.

Make sure your demo consists more of original tracks and less covers so they can be able to access your level of creativity, show them the uniqueness in you, give them a reason to sign you.

That is all I could come up with for now and feel free to leave a comment if you think otherwise or if you just have something to add.




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