How to blast belly fat

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Blasting of belly fat

Asked most of our Facebook fans what is their biggest body worries and most of them pointed towards belly fat, sagging breasts, sagging butt, etc but today we’d talk more about belly fat the causes of belly fat, and how to avoid or blast it off completely. Not surprising 80 percent of the fans asked chose belly fat “I am always on a weight loss diet I lose fat everywhere except my belly” states one fan and she’s hardly alone most of us go through this process but not to worry there’s help available. How to blast belly fat.

We asked experts how to curb belly fat and here’s what we discovered:

1) You are too stressed:

Stress hormones not only help your body to pack on more pounds or cholesterol but they also help to increase belly fats in particular. This is so because many people are stress eaters and when you’re a stress eater there’s no time for exercise but you eat from time to time and this retains the fat in your body especially the midsection of your abdomen thereby retaining fat and it gets difficult bringing it to the flat tummy you always dreamed of.

So less stress eating and less fat retention.

2) You’re getting older:

According to Mehmet Oz, the older you get the more reluctant belly fat becomes to go away. He adds, doing what you’ve been doing in the past to help lose belly fats may not work cause your body has evolved so you’d need to change it up and look for new exercise techniques or dieting routine that help people of your age group to cut down belly fat easily.

3) You’re eating for speed:

Packaged foods are your body’s worst enemies. Particularly hydrogenated oils (trans oils)and simple carbs. Trans fats increases the fat in your midsection. According to Dr. Dean, they even transfer fats to other parts of your body. And when there’s overall body fat retention it becomes difficult no matter what you take to cut down. Junk foods contain lots of carbohydrates and unnecessary oils that cause our bodies to increase in size thereby making us obsessed or overweight.

How to blast belly fat fast and easy: According to experts they’re some cool l ways of relieving yourself of the burden of belly fat….to lose fat anywhere on your body you’d need to eat less and move more;

1) Eat the right fats:

Make sure your diet is full of monosaturated fats found in nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil, avocados, or commonly known as pear. Green tea is another fat burner.

2) Get more sleep: According to sleep expert Dr. Michael lack of sleep affects levels of hormones that triggers appetite aim for at least 7 hours of sleep at night and your flat tummy will be welcomed with grace.

3) Chose the right workout moves:

Surprisingly crunches and sits ups don’t really work for your waistline area states Dr.Oz suggests yoga for an effective blasting of belly fats. Yoga is a very cold and nice way to meditate and meditation relieves stress and when you’re less stressed there less overthinking and your body becomes healthy and the vel

Shading belly fats doesn’t just make you happier but also healthier cause it reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, to heart diseases.




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