How the media hinders Cameroon’s Entertainment Industry’s progress. By being “Yes-Men”

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Hello readers, today we are focusing on how the media or most media platforms work. Cameroon is at that level in the industry where most media platforms appreciate everything they see (Yes-men), which is not healthy at all.

This might just be due to the fact that they have limited things to believe in or because what most entertainers do now in Cameroon had never been done before, so they just accept it and say everything is okay.

Well, I do not think that is how the media works.The media builds the industry, it is due to the media’s critics that entertainers sit up, so if we keep praising them even when they are wrong they would think that what they are doing is good and will definitely keep doing what they do, it’s about time we learn to call “a spade a spade“.

The truth is always hard to bear so trying to keep a good relationship with friends and families who are in the entertainment business will be tough, but you took upon yourself to face these tough decisions the day you decided to become a media personality (Blogger, writer e.t.c). A fact is a fact, so do not try complicating issues and giving wrong results and ideology to the public just because you are trying to keep a good relationship.

For those who fear they will lose their followers due to the fact that they speak the bitter truth, it’s a lie do not deceive yourself with that thought. The few in the 237 industry who pride in saying the bitter truth are most likely being considered haters but this doesn’t mean their followers reduce in any way, instead, they increase.

All in all what I’m trying to say is Cameroon media platforms like Blogs, radio and T.V Stations, Magazines e.t.c should learn how to say and accept the bitter truth, that’s the only way Entertainers will learn from their mistakes.

Us covering the truth because we want to be seen as Angels will never help the growing 237 Entertainment Industry.




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