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Over 90% of mobile apps in 2018 are free to download. Mobile apps are an integral part of our everyday lives and the world market is crowded with apps of all kind. Some these apps are based on LIFESTYLE, SOCIAL MEDIA, UTILITY, GAMES AND ENTERTAINMENT, PRODUCTIVITY AND NEWS. Most of these apps which are vital to our daily needs are free to download, so, it pops up the question of HOW DOES MOBILE APPS MAKE MONEY? 

  • IN-APP PURCHASE:  In-app purchasing is when you buy items or features available in the app. For example, buying lives in games or buying coins in a game so as to buy the next level or the game or Advertising on Facebook is an in-app purchase and this money goes to Facebook.


  • SUBSCRIPTION:  App subscribing is when you buy access to use the app’s information or features for a particular period of time. e.g subscribing to Spotify


  • SPONSORSHIP: Some apps especially those owned by non-profit organisations or those which are popular, get sponsorship from companies. This sponsorship helps bring money to the app owner.


  • AFFILIATE INCOME: Affiliate marketing is a performance whereby a business awards an affiliate for each visitor or customer brought to them through their app.


  • PREMIUM: Premium in this context is an upgrade. App premium is an amount paid in the app in order to get the upgraded or advanced features of the app.


  • ADVERTISEMENT: The most common and effective way for apps to earn money is via ads. Apps subscribe to ads programs and they get plaid by displaying these ads to their users.



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