Heroic Rat specialized in detecting explosives retires

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A wonder Rat who was awarded a golden medal for detecting explosives and saving many lives has retired after several years of active service. Heroic Rat specialized in detecting explosives retires.

Tanzania-born Magawa had an illustrious five-year career that saw him directly save the lives of men, women, and children impacted by hidden explosives and war remnants.

According to APOPO, an organization that trained Magawa, who is now based in Cambodia, the African giant pouched rodent has become slow and sluggish but in good health.

On Thursday, June 03th APOPO group said:

Although still in good health, he has reached retirement age and is clearly starting to slow down. It is time.”

The award-winning rat was born in November 2014. Since his birth, he has been trained and breathing in the APOPO training research center, where he became an expert in detecting landmines. Heroic Rat specialized in detecting explosives retires.


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