Hatless. The 20 year old Producer you have to keep an eye on.

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It all starts with a beat, then the music.

For some time now Cameroonian producers have been gaining deserved recognition, that is as compared to 7 years ago where by all attention and praises were given only to the artists.

So after listening to Xpresso E.P by rapper Marc Cedric and producer Hatless, who crafted all the songs available in the E.P it got clear that 20 year old cameroonian producer Hatless had something big to offer to the world.

Who is Hatless ?? Hatless is a Cameroonians producer and engineer based in Hamburg Germany. He did his secondary and high school in P.S.S MANKON Bamenda, Cameroon before travelling out of the country.

At age 20, Hatless is trying to make a name for himself in the musical scene and happens to be one of Cameroon’s youngest producer.
The strenght of his work and mind came be felt in the diversity of the project and the quality of
instrumentals Making it practically impossible for an artist to do a bad song.

So far Hatless has gotten to work on a few Cameroonian projects like Mboko PrinceNDANG‘ and ‘XPRESSO‘ which his first official project he did alongside Marc Cedric which might make you feel like he is not good enough, that is until you get a taste of his sound. He has this “nod along” vibe which just a few producers have. Each time you listen to a beat by Hatless, you start nodding your head, you can’t help it. It just happens.

Follow Hatless
Twitter – @SamuelFonki
Instagram – @hatlessone

Click Here” and listen to “Xpresso” by Hatless and Marc Cedric.


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