Fufu Challenge – A New Trend Taking Over The Cameroon Social Media Space

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Fufu Challenge – A New Trend Taking Over The Cameroon Social Media Space

Fufu can go with anything – You must have come across this phrase at least once, a few times or several times, depending on how frequent you use the social media.

The Fufu challenge has become a major trend on every social media platform in Cameroon and it is in deed taking over.

The challenge has also caught the attention of some of the most popular celebrities in Cameroon.

Fufu is a meal eaten in Cameroon and particularly in the North West, South West and West regions, alongside vegetables, soup, chicken, meat, fish and other supplements. The delicacy which is made from corn flour has played a major role in  most children in some of these regions – easy to cooked and very affordable.

But why is fufu trending on social media all of a sudden?

The Fufu challenge was born out of the Love a young Cameroonian based in Bamenda, Ngem Jude Ngong who has become known as the Fufu Master has for fufu.

Fufu Master

According to Fufu Master, eating fufu has been a lifestyle for him, he grew up with fufu and it’s this same fufu that still keeps him going. “There was never a day I did not see or taste fufu,” he tells us.

How did Fufu Master start the Fufu challenge? He tells us:

“It was just a discussion I had with one of my friends. He relocated from Bamenda to Douala. He jokingly said Douala is a difficult city to live in. I said all he needed was fufu.

“With fufu you can eat anything. I’ve eaten it with almost every thing edible. All mom has to do is make the Fufu and keep in the house and kids will be able to sort themselves out especially if there is vegetation around.”

Fufu Master tells us this discussion with his friend was his first ever audio message he was sending with a phone. He is not sure how the audio got out but he just got up one day to discover the audio was trending on social media.

“After the audio, people called me to find out if I had truly eaten fufu with all the things (combinations) I made mentioned. I confirmed that I have and even added more.”

That is how the Fufu go with anything challenge was born and he was named “Fufu Master” by a cousin, Nkwain John Paul.

How does Fufu Master feel to know that something they thought was just a  meal for the poor has now become a national trend? He is overwhelmed to know that something they could not proudly tell someone they had cooked years back because rice and others were the best delicacies at the time is now taking over.

Though fufu can go with anything, Fufu Master advises people to eat fufu with only edible things.

Fufu Master hails from Bafmen in the Menchum division of the North West region. He is a petty trader based in Bamenda.

Have you had fufu today? What are some weird combinations of fufu you have had? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Fufu Challenge – A New Trend Taking Over The Cameroon Social Media Space


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