Francis Ngannou Becomes Champion After Beating Defending Champion In Just 6 Minutes

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Cameroonian professional mixed martial artist, Francis Ngannou has made the country proud again as he has emerged Heavyweight Champion of the World in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC260) after beating defending Champion, Stipe Miocic in just 6 minutes on Saturday night in the main event of UFC 260 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Francis Ngannou couldn’t get the job done when he first faced Stipe Miocic at the UFC heavyweight championship at UFC 220 in 2018. In the main event of UFC 260, Ngannou left no doubt that he has now become the best heavyweight on the planet and avenged his loss, knocking out Miocic with a spectacular sequence of strikes in the second round to claim heavyweight gold.

While Miocic survived the first round, he wasn’t producing much offense, and he went back to his corner with a mouse forming under his eye from the damage delivered by Ngannou.

When the second round got underway, Miocic tried to move forward a bit more but that only gave Ngannou an opportunity to unleashed a perfectly timed jab that sent Miocic stumbling to the mat. Francis Ngannou Becomes Champion After Beating Defending Champion In Just 6 Minutes

Knowing that the end was near, Ngannou pressed forward, but to his credit, Miocic recovered well enough to fire back with a punch of his own. That perhaps gave Miocic a bit of false confidence, as he became willing to engage in an exchange, and that provided the opening for Ngannou to land the punch that finished the fight just a split second later.

The Cameroonian national is the first Africa to emerge winner of this category in Africa. It is therefore a total celebration for his fans and supporters who waited all night to just to watch the most anticipated fight. They have thus taken to all social media platforms to congratulate and hail the “Predator” who has not only made Cameroon proud but Africa as well.

Ngannou has now set himself up for a spectacular showdown against former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who is expected to get the next shot at the title.

After Ngannou took the belt, Jon James tweeted “Show me the money.”

It’s safe to say the champion is ready for him as he replied almost immediately:

“For my opinion, Jon Jones is the greatest of all time from mixed martial arts. Him moving up is going to be a good thing. He’s going to be a challenge that I will take and I will put it on record. It will be a very good thing on my resume. But this time he is gonna be the challenger, I am the champ. I am ready. Any time soon. Whenever they are ready, I am ready,” The Predator said. Francis Ngannou Becomes Champion After Beating Defending Champion In Just 6 Minutes



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