Five Budding Cameroonian Artistes To Watch In 2021

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2021 is finally here and of course, fans and lovers of good music in Cameroon are excited and waiting in anticipation for new projects from the music scene. They also can’t wait to find out which new artistes will thrive and wow them with their music.

2020 was arguably a rough year in the Cameroonian music industry as it came with the biggest and scariest pandemic the world has seen yet; the coronavirus. That, of course, did not make things easier for our local artistes especially the upcoming ones. However, despite the effects of the pandemic, some talented Cameroonian artistes were able to rise above these obstacles and put out great music that helped listeners to zone out for a while and almost forget about the madness that the coronavirus brought with it.

We will be spotlighting 5 outstanding new artists who have found their voice and audience in 2020 and have shown that they are ready to own the New Year.

Here are five upcoming Cameroonian artistes to watch in 2021;


  1. Remii


We have not seen much from Remii in the past few years but the little we have seen so far is enough to make us want to watch out for him in 2021. In 2020, he decided to rebrand himself and give a fresh start to his music career and in mid-December, he released his first track, a mix in which he blended the voices of some of Cameroon’s best singer, Blaise B, Tayc, Shan’l, Magasco, Ko-C, Daphne and Aveiro Djess, titled “Mashup.”

Remii who is currently signed to the Kang Quintus’ record label also featured on BlaiseB’s Christmas carol titled “Jingle Bells.” That was still in December 2020 and he did justice to his verse. He completely owned it, put in his best and the output was great. Perhaps, no one else would have delivered that verse better.

Remii has shown a lot of promise and it seems he is just getting started. So, let’s watch and see him in 2021.


  1. Asaba

Anyone who is a regular fan of the Cameroonian entertainment industry will know that Mary Asaba is the Baby Mama of Cameroonian “A” List Singer, Mr. Leo. However, in 2020, Asaba decided to give a different and even better identification of her brand. Perhaps, it was just not enough for her for people to just know and identify her with Mr. Leo but also know her because of her own name, as someone who has invested into her own brand. In the last quarter of 2020, bounced back into music and released her debut track “Yele.” Truth be told, the love and acceptance the song has gotten so far have been amazing. And after “Yele,” Cameroonians have understood that Asaba has great potentials as a singer,

She also went on to feature in BlaiseB’s “jingle Bells” together with Remii, Cameroon’s fastest rapper Ko-C and ace singer, Tzy Panchak.

Asaba could actually do very well in 2021 if she just keeps up with the same energy, work, and focus we saw her exhibit at the end of 2020 and of course not leaving out consistency.


  1. Cloe Grae

Cleo Grae is a Cameroonian rap and hip hop singer.

Cloe Grae didn’t just start in 2020. 2019 was actually the year when most people got to discover Cloe Grae when he featured in Tzy Panchak’s two major collabos that year: Na So and Tomorrow. However, most fans thought 2020 was going to be that year when Cloe Grae will take over the Cameroon music industry, given his very unique rap star. Well 2020 came with its own baggage and we all agree that it was a rough year, but he still did enormously well. And 2021 is another opportunity for him to do even better.

In 2020, Cloe Grae featured in a couple of collabos and Ko-C’s Ghana Must Go being one of the most prominent. He also released his own solo tracks, Baby Girl and Vero.

Cloe Grae’s creativity is crystal clear in his music so it’s safe to say 2021 is about to be one for the books.


  1. Vivid Smith


M.Ngede Smith, known artistically as Vivid, is a Cameroonian artist who started singing as a child in YP (Young Presbyterians) choir of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC). He later became a member of the University of Buea orchestra Band as a lead singer. He is currently signed to the iLion Entertainment record label.

Vivid’s journey in the music scene started way before 2020. He first came to the limelight in 2019 when he featured in some Tzy Panchak’s main projects: Na So and Tomorrow. And then, in 2020, he went on to release C’est pas le Njansang which has been one of his major hits of all time; gotten over 120K views so far on youtube. And then, he also featured Mr. Leo in Jah Jah and most recently, he released Ngondere in December 2020.

Since 2019 till date, Vivid has been very consistent and keeps giving his fans reasons to believe in his talent with every track he releases or features in. Vivid’s talent is unquestionable and he has a unique way of making listeners feel different emotions through his music so one can only imagine what he has planned for this year.


  1. Rinyu

Rinyu was arguably Cameroon’s biggest revelation in the music scene in 2020.

Ngah Rinyu known professionally as Rinyu is a Cameroonian singer who hails from Bui Division in the North West region of Cameroon. She was born in Koutaba, a town in the West region of Cameroon on February 8th, 1997. She is currently signed to Akumba Music.

She first rose to major prominence in April 2020 when she did a cover of Simi’s Duduke. That cover has so far received over 1.2 million views on YouTube. That is amazing for a budding artiste.

She also went on to release a few other tracks after that and then featured Ko-C in Feeling You.  She also released Friendzone two months later and it is so far one of her best singles, yet; gotten over 230K YouTube views so far.

Rinyu has proven herself to be special indeed and if she maintains the same energy and consistency, then we should expect to get thrilled by Rinyu this year.


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