Ethopian Airlines Invites Native Doctors To Bless New Plane

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Ethopian Airlines Invites Native Doctors To Bless New Plane.

One ofAfrica’s largest Airlines, Ethopian Airlines recently acquire a new plane, and guess what! they invited native doctors and people who believe in their traditions from one of the villages to bless the plane.

It is said that some board members of the corporation proposed that they should invite a pastor or priest but 80% of the board including the Branch Manager welcomed the idea of going with their ancestral powers.

According to the manager, these are his roots and the only prayers the gods of their land will understand.

This has provoked diverse reactions from some Africans. For some, it shows Ethiopians are real Africans and there is nothing wrong with practicing their customs and traditions.

“This is serious ooo, these Ethiopians are real ooo, they are the only uncolonized country in Africa & we can see they compete only with whites in modernization, their airline is more than that of some many European countries, but some Nigerians especially Cameroonians are against what they don’t even have an agency that can transport 5000 people without killing 500, come & see them shouting how they are against, sleeping in churches yet do not know God, anything u believe in will work, as for me I believe in my God that works marvelously & faithfully to me, he is the Almighty & I go to him not through any person but myself,” a social media user writes.

For others though, it is wrong. They wonder whose name the passengers will call if anything is about to happen during a flight; Jesus or their ancestral powers?

Here is another reaction from a social media user:

“I’m against. We are all believers but we believe in different things. I for one I don’t believe in such.”

Ethopian Airlines Invites Native Doctors To Bless New Plane.



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