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There are two sides to everything.No matter how the circumstances may relate or occur, we belong to either of these sides but the frequency differs.Its dating goes as far back as the very beginning of time, Some say it is the governing principles of life but today it is termed as the duality of life and mankind, It is infact a doctrine to some.

It explains a lot about surrounding happenings in man’s daily life & why two people may react differently to a similar situation or state.Understanding it’s relevance begins with personal evaluation, Is your every action & judgement justifiable? I guess not. We all harbour the traits of good & evil, Howfar we exploit them makes the difference, Truth be told we can to some extent manage this dual enigma through self willingness & choice. We humans are good in the act of apportioning blames.

It is understandable because we seek closure & protection but it is very unrealistic.Why not atone for the bad you did by doing more good & try abstaining from what set you off course in the first place.We keep records of your daily work progress but fail to keep one of our personal judgements.It may appear useless but it’s helps you know the credibility & extent of your judgements.It is quite common to have a dislike for something at first glance but why not take a minute to ask yourself “why” rather than just moving forward with the feeling.We all are familiar with the saying “never judge a book from its cover or colour” so try administering this principle when caught up in a situation that requires your judgement or opinion.By doing this your already trying to equate the dual you which in the longrun gives you a better sense of judgement unlike the previous sense of seeing things as they are which at times may not be as it seems.

Nobody is a perfect judge but we all can strive towards being better in our judgements which begins from continuous self evaluation before attempting surrounding matters.Build a practical mindset & seek to know why things occur otherwise rather than seemingly.When you do good know why did it & evaluate it’s authenticity.I know all this while I have been dwelling on the maintenance of the good side to the neglect of the bad side but the bad is not all that necessary with regards multiple maintenance because once you get started with building up a positive sense of judgement your wrong sense of judgement becomes more of a spectator to the process of decision making & judgement.Being a spectator isn’t always favourable to everyone to a great extent so to prevent mind riots & over generalisation on your part(i.e thinking your in ultimate control of the understanding of life) try thinking of the bad side of a good judgement periodically.

You could go further by trying to live in that bad experience of your mind’s imagination.By doing so your not only experiencing the other side of a good decision but your also gaining valid & authentic reasons why your initial judgement should be unquestionably correct.That way you know u’ve consulted the two paramount decision making bodies of your mind(the good & bad you).Also try to draw your conclusions from the positive & negative angles you will be fascinated by your sense of judgement in the long run thanks to a dual juxtaposition.

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