“Don’t Paint Cameroon Black” – Naira Marley Tells Nigerian Bloggers

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Nigerian Afrobeat superstar Naira Marley was scheduled to perform in a grand concert on February 14, 2021, in Cameroon. The concert which was initially scheduled to hold in Buea was later moved to Limbe and finally postponed indefinitely because local authorities in both cities banned it from holding. “Don’t Paint Cameroon Black” – Naira Marley Tells Nigerian Bloggers

Since the postponement, several Nigerian blogs have been talking about the failed concert on their blogs. They have blamed politics, anti-Nigerian sentiments, hate, inferiority complex from some Cameroonians, hate and beef from Cameroonian artists, and Cameroonians in general for being responsible for the cancellation. Some of them have also said most Cameroonians are envious of their music and artists and that is why they don’t want their artists and songs in Cameroon.

Naira Marley in Cameroon

Naira Marley has however told bloggers to calm down. According to him, it would be wrong to paint Cameroonians bad because they are actually good and caring people. “They actually love Nigerians, it’s just a few of them hating but no love lost, we are still family,” Naira Marley added.

Naira Marley who is currently staying at a hotel in Douala had in a video on the night of Sunday, February 14, 2021, apologized to his Cameroonians fans for not being able to thrill them on Val’s Day due to “obvious reasons.” He added that they will do the show bigger and better very soon.


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