Did Blanche Bailly Ruine Her Business By Sharing Her No Makeup Photo? How strategic was Blanche Bailly when she shared her no makeup photo?

Blanche Bailly is one of the most rated female artistes in Cameroon but she does not depend on music alone. Beyond that, she is an entrepreneur who owns one of the most renowned beauty parlors in the Country, Queen Mimba Glam, with branches in Douala and Buea.

Recently, to launch some of her beauty products, Blanche Bailly used a strategy that is rather surprising. She took to social media to post a no makeup photo of her face. On her face, one could spot some dark spots and acne.

Blanche Bailly’s no makeup photo

Of course, that was not the face most of her fans are used to seeing. They are used to seeing Blanche Bailly all glammed, all classy, with makeup, glowing and beautiful.

Every fan who came across the photo had one or two things to say. They all became cosmetologists and beauty experts.
Two days later, Blanche posted three other photos of herself. Yes, she had makeup on and looking all glammed but she did not cover up her black spots and acne.

She equally had some beauty products in her hand and the message was clear:

“Thanks to all cosmetologists on Facebook but only Queen mimba Douala products have my solution so let’s restart our routine with this face pack with care at Lamimbayance.”

So this was Blanche Bailly telling her fans that, yes, I have acne and dark spots and you have seen how my face looks right now without any makeup. But hey, you know what? There is a solution to this and if you have these same problems, follow me and let’s do this together.

Was that the best way of advertising a product though? Many would have expected her to share a photo of her face looking all smooth, spotless, glowing and all that and then say, oh you see how beautiful my face is? This product here is my secret and that is why my face is this beautiful.

That was not what Blanche did, instead she use a completely different strategy.
Why many may think it is not a good strategy, this writer here in fact thinks, this, is indeed a great Marketing strategy. If this product is as good as she says it is and then in a few weeks, she shares another no makeup photo and all spots have been cleared up, you can imagine the orders she will get.

Why? That is because she was strategic enough to show us the beginning and not just the end as most brands in the same business do. So anyone who sees that and then follows the process, and then sees the awesome result, will arguably want to try that product.


By Nkafu

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