Oh why me?

Why can’t I seem to reconcile my past and my future without feeling bruised.

I can’t continue living in this roller coaster of emotional discomfort and pain.

Yes I see you, I feel you….

Healing is a deliberate journey and our vulnerability is essential for personal growth.

Ever felt, #Unheard #Unappreciated #Unseen!

**You where abandoned as a Child(raised by a single parent).

**You where sexually abused growing up.

** You where taken advantage of by a confidant, friend etc

** You have a disability or seeming weakness that has made you feel less of a human all your life.

** Have been domestically abused or raised by violent parents.

** Church hurt( violated by a spiritual authority, deceit, lies).

These are the very few of many scenarios we may have gone through but believe me you can’t afford to continue allow the ink of your destiny be written in trauma.

When our traumas, triggers and past hurts holds our life on hostage, it’s almost impossible to see the beauty in life and what the future holds.

Have you ever taken out time to understand your triggers? Seek help and adopt better mechanisms to outgrow those dark areas of our lives.

Giving our triggers expression and being vulnerable to understand where they are coming from is essential and the first step to healing.

You may be asking yourself?

What are triggers?

Simply put, A trigger is an unresolved part of yourself that spawns emotionalism due to somebody, an experience,you haven’t forgiven or yourself you can’t seem to forgive.

Our biggest lost as humans is when we loose connection with who we are authentically. So daily though alive, we find ourselves being buried in a grave.

Our past traumas can cause us to build certain addictions, habits, routines and hold unto certain mantras that are self destructive and sabotaging.

I want to encourage you today. Please confront your triggers. Face them genuinely with a pen and paper.
Write them down, take them from when you where born till date.

You can simplify the exercise by targeting them with a period of 5 years each. Begin with 0-5 years. Have a self talk and reflection. What are some of those experiences, people, places, and things that deeply betrayed me and made me feel less of a human.

Do this from a position of rest and calm. It’s best to do such exercise either in the morning after a good rest or 6pm after a good siesta. After you do so, Confront those scenarios that always make you feel worthless and pained.

Then put the 2 together. This is the first and most essential stage of your journey to healing. It’s called Self awareness and diagnosis. A doctor uses what you give him as information to have a clue into your diagnosis before prescriptions and treatments.

No trigger exists to destroy us but what we make out of the triggers. Instead our triggers bring our attention to unhealed wounds.

When we constantly have to deal with issues such as anger, low self esteem, jealousy, depression, isolation, bitterness, resentment, etc these are fruits of rooted issues that destroys the essence of a person.

Our emotions that where given to us as a blessing by God may we not sink and get drowned by them.

May God give you the grace, make you sensitive to the things that count today and beyond in Jesus name.

Have a wonderful day ahead! Credit: Coach and Motivational Speaker Brenda Kimbi

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