Kampii Productions Daily 237 INSIDER with Kampii Darling lyonga fires facts about the Cameroon entertainment industry.

Darling lyonga fires facts about the Cameroon entertainment industry.


Cameroon radio presenter went ahead on voice radio 103.0fm to fire some serious shots at Cameroon’s entertainment industry.

      She started by pointing out King Kong’s interview at pulse TV Nigeria where he declared he had confidence in his motherland.
Darling lyonga went on to say it is due to the lack of support from our fellow Cameroonians, this point is a very solid point because the love Cameroonians have for Nigerian movies, music, and comedy shows etc. Cannot be compared to the love they have for their home-based entertainers and due to this international recognition is not an option to our own entertainers.
she added that Nigerian actors, comedians, directors go as far as they do is because of the love and support they get from their country so it is about time Cameroonians stop complains about their industry and start supporting one another.
 She went on to point out facts to this situation stating the fact that Nigerian artist are been paid more in Cameroon even than our home-based artists for example Davido is being paid not less than 5 million for a show at Douala while other Cameroon artist are paid way less(not even one third), because of this same situation one of Cameroon’s finest Blache Bailly had a shock when she went for concert in ivory coast only for her to find the concert hall empty , what a shock.

She gave a shout out to Cameroonian artists who have been having concerts internationally like Mr. Leo, Magasco and still to go on a European tour universal music’s Tenor.