Cross Dressers Bobrisky And James Brown Fight Dirty: Drag Each Other, Leak Chats

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Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown took to social media today, March 20. 2021, to drag fellow crossdresser, Bobrisky for always using filters on his posts. Cross Dressers Bobrisky And James Brown Fight Dirty: Drag Each Other, Leak Chats

James Brown

According to James Brown, Bobrisky accused him of always copying his contents. In reaction, James Brown said he is different because, unlike Bobrisky who can never share a photo of himself without filters, he on the other hand can.

In a video James Brown shared on TikTok, he could be heard saying:

“It’s your girl James Brown. I’m just curious like you all are curious. Your aunty abi whatever the person’s name is said I am copying his or her content. The question I want to ask is has she ever or has he ever do a video without filter? I’m just curious because I don’t know if I’m copying…”

Reacting to James Brown, Bobrisky decided to fire back, saying he will use his lawyer to deal with. He wrote on Instagram:

“Have been calm nobody is warning that lowlife idiot using my name to clout chase up and down. But if I take any step now some of you useless goats will open your mouth and say I should free him cause he’s too small for me

“Well, I can’t waste my time on that dead body!!! But I will use my lawyer to deal with him. Since he can’t control his wide mouth authorities will help him close it. He has kuku said he is not afraid to visit his former jail. I will use my right plug to deal with him. If you come to preach to me to forgive one idiot I will block u.”

Bobrisky went on to leak a screenshot of apology messages from James Brown. According to the leaked screenshot, James Brown is begging Bobrisky to unblock him. He said what he said because he is young and stupid and has a very important secret to tell his fellow crossdresser, Bob.


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