Cameroonian Comedian Boboloh Universal AKA Nzelle Africa, has come under heavy criticism for body shaming a social media Influencer, as she tries to compare Influencers Delly Singah and Mama Atalaku.

In a short video, Boboloh Universal addressed a controversial giveaway clash between Cameroon’s Social media heavyweights, Delly Singah and Mama Atalaku, that is currently trending.

In the video, Boboloh referred to one person as an elephant and the other as a hippopotamus.
In her words “I recently joined social media as an entertainer, just like a cricket, yet an elephant tried to crush me. This is a battle, elephant, fight your battle, God has raised a hippopotamus to fight you. I have nothing, yet you wanted to crush me. I was not your match… Your match is here for you.”

Though Boboloh did not categorically say who the elephant or hippopotamus is between the two Influencers, fans could easily figure out who the elephant is and who the hippopotamus is.

This is so because, some months back, Mama Atalaku decided to help Boboloh with the sum of 50,000fcfa. Boboloh took the money with much appreciation, but decided to refund a few days after.
According to her, she couldn’t take the pressure from social media.

Boboloh didn’t say exactly what happened but in a recent post, Boboloh has said she was a victim in the situation.
So clearly, you would know who she is referring to as an elephant.

Boboloh went on to compare the two influencers using five criteria; academic background, Positive influence on youths, Beauty (foot, hips, stomach, breast, and face), social media and longevity on social media.
Again, fans were quick to figure out who Boboloh was shading with her criteria.

This didn’t sit well with fans who flooded her comment section, criticizing her for body shaming a fellow woman.
To them, as an influencer herself, she should have kept quiet, even if she is not in good terms with Mama Atalaku.

Delly Singah and Mama Atalaku
Boboloh Universal

Mama Atalaku in response wrote on her timeline “I hear say Boboloh thi cosh kokki say them dong tie ei neck weh them dong tie na all ei skin na true?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Definitely, Boboloh seems disgruntled with Mama Atalaku, for whatever reason, we are not sure. She has repeatedly said she was a victim in the 50k giveaway refund situation but has refused to tell her side of the story.

Well, what social media knows is Mama Atalaku thought she could offer help to Boboloh and did that. If there is any other thing, then, Boboloh is still to tell social media. Perhaps it’s high time she did that, so we can all understand what exactly she is disgruntled about.


By Nkafu

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