Cameroonian Comedian Kwoh Elonge, known artistically as Auntie Felicia just hit 100k followers on Facebook, in less than two years (20 months).

Auntie Felicia is certainly one Comedian who has effortlessly and successfully broken into the Showbiz, and particularly, Comedy industry in Cameroon. This is definitely as a result of enormous work and consistently.
Beyond that, let’s highlight three factors that stand out about this Comedian and have helped to shaped and reshaped him into the fine Comedian that he’s become: PASSION, TALENT and CONSISTENCY.

Talking about Passion, one must certainly love the Auntie Felicia Personality, to effortlessly play character the way Kwoh does.
In a few interviews, Kwoh had revealed that he had always loved and wanted to do comedy but then, he was worried more about what his family and others would say. He must have said to himself “I’m well educated, I’m respected, I have a well paying job and I have rubbed shoulders with the high and mighties in society. So how can I do comedy?”

His fear of being misjudged, misinterpreted and perhaps, being looked at with curiosity was strong but his PASSION for comedy was stronger. Eventually, passion triumphed and in late 2022, an interesting Comedian was born into the English speaking Cameroonian Comedy industry that had just began to withness a revolution with the likes of Caro and Copees, Richard, Senior Pastor, Grand Lawrenzo, Pa Ngwa, and Dorcas.

Let’s talk about talent. Kwoh Elonge appears to be just that perfect Gentleman but beyond that, he is naturally a Comedian from birth. The way he embodies the Auntie Felicia character, one would wonder if he was not an actual Auntie Felicia in his former life; the facial expressions, the words, the jokes. Sometimes, you wonder where he gets his ideas from. Those facial expressions; how he gets them so well and everyone of them fits into the particular situation.

I first I got to know Kwoh Elonge when I watched him co-hosting a show on YouTube “Freaky Table.”
Then, he was not into comedy yet, but he was hilarious and I just couldn’t help but watch more episodes.

His first recorded comedy attempt was on Freaky table, where he mimicked Cameroonian Influencer, Kobos of the Laugh and learn talk show.
That was fun and perhaps loved by many. That motivated him to feature in his first comedy skit, the popular “eru” skit with Comedians Caro and Copees. Since then, we have been seeing back to back skits from him; skits which many have described as therapeutic.

And finally, with passion and talent, consistency and work are the icing on the cake.
From the very beginning, the Comedian Auntie Felicia has been incredibly consistent with his craft, releasing multiple skits a week and sometimes, two skits a day.

He has equally put in enormous work and we have just watched this talent grow and we get to love him more and more daily.

Hitting 100k followers in just 1year, 10 months is proof of this consistency and work, especially in the English speaking Comedy Industry in Cameroon with a relatively smaller population, compared to the way bigger industry in French speaking Cameroon.

Congratulations to the Comedian Auntie Felicia and we can’t wait to see this talent grow even bigger in the next few years.


By Nkafu

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